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Strong Knowledge Management in service and support can operate as a coordinated ecosphere in which both the customer experience and the support agent experience are transformed through smart adoption and application of digital-first engagement technologies.

In this webinar, Verint's John Chmaj and Jason Valdina are joined by guest expert and Forrester senior analyst Christina McAllister. They'll discuss the "digital first ecosystem" that is emerging as customers and employees increasingly rely on digital channels to initiate and advance their support interactions. Knowledge plays a central role flowing through and across channels to empower services, transactions, information requests, and ongoing customer chat and social interactions.

In this world, AI and automation also work hand in hand with the workforce by providing real-time assistance to agents – a need that's been accelerated by remote work and the need for employees to have access to a wide set of information quickly and accurately. Additionally, the three will cover how KM serves as an engine for customer engagement across support channels, including digital conversational channels like social messaging, virtual assistants, and real-time agent assist.

Attendees will emerge with an understanding of how these elements of KM come together to provide intelligence in a way that's accurate, compelling, and engaging.

Don't miss this live event on Thursday, April 21st, 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET.

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John Chmaj
Sr. Director, Product Strategy Knowledge Management
Jason Valdina
Sr. Director, Engagement Channels GTM Strategy
Christina McAllister
Senior Analyst
Marydee Ojala
Conference Program Director
Information Today, Inc.