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Good content management plays a pivotal role in an organization's ability to manage input and output of information and can make the difference in whether the company understands its content value, or whether it's lost in the weeds. In this webinar, Hyland/Alfresco, Access, and Crawford Technologies opt for the former, discussing the impact of cloud native content services, digital transformation, AI, and process automation on helping enterprises find ways to reconstruct their ECM programs so that information does not go to waste.

In this webinar you will learn how:

-- The emergence of cloud-native content services allows you to provide ubiquitous access to content, build applications faster, and future-proof your business
-- To streamline access to critical content within business applications and consolidate disconnected information siloes
-- Paradigm shifts driven by the pandemic accelerate digital transformation of documents and records
-- Navigating changes in information management post-pandemic ensures your programs are adaptable and secure
-- Increasing customer retention rates by 5% allows a business to increase their profits by 25%-95%
-- Putting forth the effort to integrate ECM, CSP, and CCM platforms is well worth it

Don't miss this live event on Tuesday, December 7th, 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET.

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Sean Baird
Director of Product Marketing
Hyland - Alfresco
Kurt Thies
VP & Product Evangelist
Harvey Gross
VP of Product Marketing
Crawford Technologies Inc.
Marydee Ojala
Conference Program Director
Information Today, Inc.