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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9 - 8 am PT / 11 am ET

Just 15% of enterprises are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) right now.* How come? For many organizations, AI still seems untouchable, conjuring up images of complex sci-fi scenarios. But, in reality, it is surprisingly straightforward to implement and to use in day-to-day business operations.

In this AI 101 webinar, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, industry analyst at Deep Analysis, will show you practical ways to get there. You'll learn:
  • How to incorporate AI into day-to-day information management practices
  • Practical applications of AI and best practices for a successful implementation
  • How AI augmented capture drives smarter business decisions and processes
Put AI into action and create a foundation for success—today and tomorrow.

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*, "15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Artificial Intelligence."
Alan Pelz-Sharpe
Deep Analysis
Christopher Wynder
Product Marketing
Marydee Ojala
Conference Program Director
Information Today, Inc.