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KMWorld NewsLinks - April 06, 2021


Deloitte collaborates with Automation Anywhere

Mutual customers will experience a smooth transition to Automation 360 

Adlib adds deeper contract analytics capabilities

A contract is one of the riskiest, most complex, yet valuable documents any organization has

PDFTron acquires PDF3D

PDFTron platform expands with the availability of the PDF3D SDK for developers

Perspective on Knowledge

Bureaucratic knowledge

The knowledge of bureaucrats comes from living at the nexus of strategy and implementation, the nexus of best practices and human values, the nexus of multiple departments with their independent goals, and at the nexus of wishes and reality. That makes their voices worth listening to.

KM In Practice

ITV leverages Stardog’s enterprise knowledge graph platform

With Stardog, ITV has the potential to manage its rights with greater agility and flexibility.


How remote teams can use organic self-service KM tools

Adopting strategies that incorporate organic elements can dramatically accelerate common support workflows by reducing the friction between accessing knowledge and productive output