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KMWorld NewsLinks - September 08, 2020


KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2020

Each year KMWorld compiles a list of Trend-Setting Products. These offerings push the limits of what is possible with knowledge management. Some are mature and have evolved over many years by adding new features and capabilities, while others are newer entrants in the KM market. But whether time-tested or cutting-edge, the common theme through all is the potential value they offer to organizations by transforming information into insight.


ZL Technologies adds governance and compliance policies for Microsoft Teams

Management of employee-created data becomes priority as workforces go remote and use of collaboration platforms increases

Quest Software acquires Binary Tree, expands support for Microsoft Office/365

With this acquisition, organizations can look to one provider to help them address all of their Microsoft challenges

Knowledge graphs can aid successful KM strategies

Knowledge graphs and ontologies work hand in hand to simplify access to complex data

KM In Practice

Zignal Labs chooses Lexalytics

Media intelligence company chooses Lexalytics to provide AI-based NLP


How AI will help to shape the new normal

To achieve its potential, there is no escaping the fact that AI must have accurate, clean, and managed data