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KMWorld NewsLinks - April 28, 2020


Adding Cognitive Features to KM Part 2 (Video)

Nalco Champion's Dynisha Klugh and TechnipFMC's Kim Glover discuss how and why predictive search autosuggest, chatbots, and other cogntitive features are useful in KM in part 2 of this clip from KMWorld 2019.


KM experts discuss trends for 2020

In a recent KMWorld webinar, experts discussed top trends in KM and information discovery

BP Logix debuts low-code process automation solution for higher education

Business process management solution provides higher education institutions with tools for a post COVID-19 world

FloQast helps finance teams shift to remote working environments

Global shift to remote work presents challenges for completing critical accounting process during quarterly closes.

KM In Practice

IBM helps Prysmian Group accelerate digital transformation

Efficient IT infrastructure supports the group's global growth strategy

The Future of the Future

Deep project management

Given the increased negative media exposure that comes from project failure, organizations need more tightly integrated, intelligent project management systems, in addition to people who have the requisite skills. This need will grow as systems continue to become more complex and timelines more tightly compressed.


Creating an intelligent automation toolkit

When deployed separately, robotic process automation and digital process automation technologies add immense business value, but when they are strategically combined, an entirely new level of business optimization is possible