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KMWorld NewsLinks - April 02, 2019


Design Thinking for Tech Selection, Part 2: Define (Video)

In Part 2 of a 5-part series, Real Story Group's Jarrod Gingras discusses the ways organization can apply the 5 phases of design thinking in choosing the right tech, beginning with Phase 2: Design.

Cognitive computing: A diverse and fast-growing market

The applications for cognitive computing and AI are numerous and heterogeneous. Among the more mature applications are virtual sales assistants and chatbots, which are already in use on many websites.


Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP announce new Open Data Initiative details

Industry partners join forces to connect data and gather insights fueled by AI and intelligent services 

Smarsh prevents data loss and improves regulatory compliance for Microsoft Teams

Enables customers to identify and manage sensitive information before it becomes problematic

ThoughtSpot joins forces with Alteryx to improve data access and insights

Helps business users to connect, transform, and model complex data, as well as find insights through search and AI

KM In Practice

Pharmascience delivers life-saving drugs with real-time document management from OpenText

Solutions suite helps manufacturer manage complex and highly-regulated information management challenges


How e-discovery is getting smarter about how we communicate

Believe it or not, collecting the data is not the hardest part of e-discovery—it's figuring out where the data is in the first place