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KMWorld NewsLinks - November 20, 2018


Knowledge management thrives on partnership

If a KM program historically has not played well with others, now is a good time to change the approach. And even if there are already strong collaborative relationships, strengthening those ties—and forging new ones with less obvious partners—can help prepare for the people, process, and technology changes taking shape as part of digital transformation.


IntelliChief Boosts Workflow Platform

AI-powered Document Capture Tracking enhances the information audit trail

Adobe and Dropbox Partner on E-Signature Integration

Adobe Sign makes it easier than ever to incorporate e-signatures into the way individuals and companies of all sizes do business.

The Role of the KM Implementer in Ensuring Positive Change

KM perceptions and the KM mindset are an excellent basis for managing—and creating a culture receptive to—change

KM In Practice

Gonzaga University gives Oracle Cloud high marks

Leading private university accelerates innovation and drives business transformation