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KMWorld NewsLinks - October 02, 2018


Government: GIS provides a road map

Although GIS has been in use for more than a half century, for much of that time it was a specialized discipline, and its potential in knowledge management was not widely recognized. Its dramatic growth and movement into the mainstream was a result of several forces, including greater computing power, the advent of big data, mobile devices and sensors and an increasing awareness of how much GIS has to offer.


Lexalytics Makes First Foray into Document Data Extraction Market

Enables hybrid analysis of structured and unstructured data from corporate document

CoolTool Creates Platform that Gives Real-Time Insight into Customers

The platform gives researchers real-time feedback from customers

LabKey and Linguamatics Partner to Extract Clinical Insights from Big Data in Healthcare

NLP data management solution improves clinical data abstraction and curation

KM In Practice

Louisiana hospital works with Health Catalyst to improve analytics

The Health Catalyst DOS transforms raw data from virtually any data source into "deep data"—data that is meaningful, actionable, and provides actual business value