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KMWorld NewsLinks - September 18, 2018


Machine Learning Makes its Way (Slowly) into e-Discovery

A process called technology-assisted review (TAR) is applying machine learning to the review of electronically stored information, with the potential to save clients time and money by avoiding the review of documents that are not relevant. Most of the largest law firms and many U.S. government agencies including the Department of Justice are deploying TAR or have recognized its value. Yet many attorneys and judges are still unfamiliar with TAR and unsure how to apply it.


Forming Data Governance Strategies for the Enterprise

This latest KMWorld webcast explores data governance practices

Magnitude Gateway Delivers Unified Data Access

Magnitude Software launches universal connectivity platform

Information Builders Launches New WebFOCUS Platform for Unlimited Intelligence

WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform combines ease of use with the solution's scalability

KM In Practice

Law firm selects email and document management solution as part of technology overhaul

iManage Work delivers against a blueprint of stringent document management requirements