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KMWorld NewsLinks - May 22, 2018


In financial services, KM is a plus

The use of knowledge management tools for financial services firms continues to grow and change with the industry itself.


ServiceNow Acquires Parlo AI Workforce Solution to Enhance Natural Language Capabilities

Parlo's natural language understanding engine enhances ServiceNow's native AI capabilities

Linguamatics Automates Critical Insights Discovery in Real-Time with NLP

New release broadens ETL and enterprise workflow applications in healthcare and life sciences

8x8 Buys MarianaIQ to Strengthen AI Capabilities for Enterprise Communications

MIQ brings deep learning capabilities to the X Series to transform both employee and customer experience

KM In Practice

Digital concierge for polo lovers

Oracle Intelligent Bots technology uses deep learning-based natural language understanding (NLU) to comprehend and determine the intent of user conversations. It can help Heineken Urban Polo process those conversations, integrate each with existing business application data and automatically respond within context. It also allows Heineken Urban Polo to directly contact customers and followers with important information in a personal, non-invasive way.