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KMWorld NewsLinks - April 09, 2024


Investigating LLM ethics, safety, and misuse

Eduardo Kassner, chief data and AI officer for high tech segment at Microsoft and Zoiner Tejada, CEO at Solliance joined KMWorld's webinar, Safeguarding LLM Deployment: Model Evaluation and Red Teaming

Mindee transforms the data preparation process with new AI document-processing tool

docTI leverages AI to enable custom document processing in minutes

Scrut Automation secures $10M in funding round to help companies maintain compliance programs

Scrut Automation is a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform that helps mid-market companies build, manage, and maintain enterprise-grade risk and compliance programs

KM In Practice

SQream and Qantm AI empower customers to extract deeper insights from their data and accelerate AI initiatives

Qantm AI will incorporate SQream's offerings to streamline data analytics for complex insights across industries