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KMWorld NewsLinks - December 19, 2023


Stravito releases Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams integration for intuitive file management

Tighter integration with Microsoft allows for smoother and faster document transition

Hatch launches generative AI tool to create interactive web pages directly from user prompts

Powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, Hatch AI empowers creators to design no-code hosted web pages for a wide range of use cases

The maturing role of the intranet in 2024

Mary Kaplan, head of product marketing at LumApps, and Lisa Capra, product marketing manager at LumApps examine how intranets can be leveraged to propel an enterprise toward modernity, inviting KM joy that contents every employee

Taming information chaos to drive successful AI initiatives

To help navigate these obstacles, Ville Somppi, vice president, industry solutions at M-Files, and Anthony Vigliotti, chief product officer at Adlib Software offer a myriad of strategies for enabling a data infrastructure that best supports AI