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KMWorld NewsLinks - April 04, 2023


Why KM needs sponsors, experts, and advocates in the business

APQC's analysis shows that formal KM business roles are ultimately more effective at boosting KM participation and helping KM to achieve its goals.


Sinequa combines its neural search engine with generative large language models

Sinequa's Azure GPT enables organizations to quickly find and extract the information they seek within a secure enterprise environment

Verint expands partnership with Google to boost contact center performance

Partnership leverages platform-to-platform approach to boost the power of customer experience automation

Elastic unites robust cloud security operations for AWS

Launching CSPM, container workload security, and cloud vulnerability management to modernize cloud security operations

How to Build a KM Program with Business Outcomes in Mind

Slalom Global Director Gloria Burke discusses the value of throwing out old KM technologies and platforms and looking at specific business goals and new approaches to KM program development in this clip from KMWorld 2022

Techniques to deliver knowledge where, when, and how you need it

KMWorld recently held a webinar featuring speaker John Chmaj, senior director of product strategy and knowledge management at Verint, to delve into the world of knowledgeable, seamless application experiences