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KMWorld NewsLinks - March 07, 2023


Pega announces plans to integrate generative AI across Pega Infinity

Pega Infinity to bring the power of Generative AI to the enterprise

Shaping Knowledge Through Storytelling in Today's Organizations

State Department KM Lead Johel Brown-Grant discusses the current role of storytelling in knowledge-shaping in this clip from his presentation ay KMWorld 2022.

How to Meet the Challenge of Exponential Database Growth

Applied Knowledge Sciences CEO Art Murray discusses the 5 key drivers of knowledge growth and how to meet the challenges of that growth in this clip from his presentation at KMWorld 2022

Yext uses generative AI to introduce automatic content generation for its knowledge graph

New generative AI capabilities will enable the Yext Knowledge Graph to create and suggest content with the help of large language models

Vendr Explore offers a dynamic SaaS catalog for transparent procurement

Dynamic software catalog of 19,000 products brings unprecedented visibility into data; ensures transparent pricing, streamlined procurement

Three Low-Cost/No-Cost Information-Hosting Solutions

Resonance Global KM Specialist, Bethany Brown, provides reviews key features of information-hosting platforms Google Sheets, SharePoint Lists, and Smart Sheets in this clip from her presentation at KMWorld 2022

Ethical innovation

Introducing work intelligence systems

Technological advances are significant and can bring huge benefits, but only as long as you understand that they can advise, augment, and support, but not replace, you.