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KMWorld NewsLinks - October 25, 2022


Kodak Alaris partners with Publisure to streamline the digital and print divide in customer communications

By combining technologies, the companies can manage the digital transformation of both inbound and outbound communications

Intercom boosts customer communications with latest enhancements to Messenger

With the only fully customizable, fully configurable Messenger on the market and new messenger-first support ticketing, Intercom helps businesses engage and support their customers in entirely new ways

NetDocuments acquires Worldox to offer a rich DMS experience

Customer-first approach and vision for the future of legal work create synergies in forward-looking acquisition

Perspective on Knowledge

What ‘sentient’ AI teaches us

As Gary Marcus says, a large language model is just a "spreadsheet for words" that lets it act as a massive autocompletion system that knows how words go together but has not the foggiest idea how those words connect to the world.


Why reducing review time can revolutionize enterprise content search

Leveraging this finding of the brain's superior ability to recognize patterns, a next-generation viewer uses three progressive panels to display search results and document pages as visual thumbnails