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KMWorld NewsLinks - April 26, 2022


Yext strengthens platform with Spring '22 release

Adds Nebula algorithm update, posting modernization, and search merchandiser

NexHealth secures $125 million in latest funding round to continue growing its patient experience software platform

NexHealth will expand the team to digitize the patient experience and build new health record integrations to bolster its universal API

Appfire acquires Comalatech to elevate document management in the Atlassian ecosystem

Acquisition accelerates Appfire's position in enterprise collaboration software market

KM In Practice

Franz’s Allegro CL used for scheduling the Hubble Space Telescope discovery of Earendel

SPIKE Intelligent Scheduling System developed with Allegro Common Lisp helped astronomers detect the farthest star ever seen

Ethical innovation

Knowledge unchained

Blockchains eliminate the need to trust other people. That's it; that is all there is to it. Trust is deferred to the system itself.