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September/October 2018, Trend-Setting Products 2018 [Volume 27, Issue 5]


KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2018

In designating products to our 2018 list, we looked for solutions that are inventive as well as utilitarian … that break new ground, that help organizations achieve their knowledge management goals and the digital transformation they need to thrive. The offerings help users find information more easily and convert structured and unstructured information into meaningful insight to solve business challenges and satisfy customers.

Digital asset management: an upbeat option for marketers

The ability to manage rich media has become essential for departments throughout the enterprise. DAM systems bring efficiency to the search process.

Best practices for proactive enterprise risk management: “Let the (big) data tell you”

Proactive risk assessment is applicable to any form of risk organizations might encounter, from fraudulent transactions to network availability. Although law enforcement risk threatens lives whereas enterprise risk threatens funds, the same shrewd combination of big data management and machine learning techniques can empower organizations to proactively detect, investigate and minimize risk while maximizing big data's ROI.

Government: GIS provides a road map

Although GIS has been in use for more than a half century, for much of that time it was a specialized discipline, and its potential in knowledge management was not widely recognized. Its dramatic growth and movement into the mainstream was a result of several forces, including greater computing power, the advent of big data, mobile devices and sensors and an increasing awareness of how much GIS has to offer.

Next-generation communities—Part 3 Eight ways to engage employees in communities at work

In its "Next-Generation Communities of Practice" research, member-based nonprofit APQC identified eight strategies that top organizations use to make employees aware of communities and get them excited about participating. Those strategies range from change management fundamentals that work for almost any knowledge management initiative to innovative tactics based on social media marketing and advanced analytics.

Machine Learning Makes its Way (Slowly) into e-Discovery

A process called technology-assisted review (TAR) is applying machine learning to the review of electronically stored information, with the potential to save clients time and money by avoiding the review of documents that are not relevant. Most of the largest law firms and many U.S. government agencies including the Department of Justice are deploying TAR or have recognized its value. Yet many attorneys and judges are still unfamiliar with TAR and unsure how to apply it.

Trend-Setting Product of 2018: Access Innovations, Inc.: Experience an Increase in Productivity with Data Harmony 3.13

Trend-Setting Product of 2018: eGain: eGain Solve Suite Powers Connected, Easy Customer Experiences

Trend-Setting Product of 2018: Ephesoft: Ephesoft Transact for Mortgage solution Delivers Fast ROI

Trend-Setting Product of 2018: Mindbreeze: Medical Cockpit

Trend-Setting Product of 2018: Nuxeo: Content Services Platform

Trend-Setting Product of 2018: Verint Systems Inc.: Automated Verification

Trend-Setting Product of 2018: BA Insight: SmartHub

Trend-Setting Product of 2018: Knosys: Eliminate Duplication with KnowledgeIQ

Trend-Setting Product of 2018: Sinequa: Insight Platform

Trend-Setting Product of 2018: Upland Software: Tenrox Has Delivered over 20 Years Best Practices Excellence


David Weinberger

Computers, Internet, AI

If the early computers reinforced the existing world-view, the Internet upended worldview after worldview. We learned that control doesn't scale: If you want to build something really, really big, you have to get rid of the centralized management functions. We learned that customers joined in conversational networks know more about a business' products than the business does. We learned what a democracy is like when everyone truly has a voice, even when those voices are telling lies and tearing down democratic institutions.

The Future of the Future

From just-in-time to just-ahead-of-time

Through our many decades of research into the knowledge sciences, we've determined that if AI is ever going to live up to its promises, it needs an architecture that integrates three levels of functionality: memory, awareness and anticipation.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing: Another look at cognitive tasks

To build a practical framework for understanding what kinds of capabilities will be the key success factors for the intelligence economy, we need first to look hard at what kinds of cognitive tasks or capabilities are going to come into play to enable the innovations we will need as we partner more closely with machines. Can we delegate cognitive processes to silicon colleagues? How will we make judgments about what we need to retain as human responsibilities versus what we can partially or fully automate?

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