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June 2016 [Volume 25, Issue 6]


ECM: preparing for the future

"Content management, semantic and big data analytics and cognitive computing are coming together, and we are seeing some truly amazing use cases emerging from that confluence."

Getting more from SharePoint Part 1
Using “intranet in a box” preconfigured offerings
to get more from SharePoint, Office 365, Delve, Planner, OneDrive, Video and Power BI

Another way of adding structure to content is by defining document types. That is where SharePoint has a great deal of power.

Social media: a heterogeneous market with mixed messages

The vision of having employees more connected with each other and promoting knowledge sharing often conflicted with the straightforward need to complete work tasks.

KM EARNS “STAR RATING” in travel, transportation markets

By the time the information was analyzed, the data itself was stale.

News Analysis

Cognitive computing
The human benefit of natural language processing

On a very basic level, NLP enables computers to understand language.


David Weinberger

Is the Internet making us stupid?

You with the Internet is much smarter than you without the Internet.

The Future of the Future

Workforce of the future update

Folks from all walks of life have decided to live and work in an untethered, "free range" world.

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