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April 2016 [Volume 25, Issue 4]


KM and the Internet of Things

Like knowledge platforms, IoT platforms have the potential to activate insight from data to improve processes, use resources more efficiently and improve revenue.

Big data in the hands of users

In an environment of increasing volume and data types, combined with often inadequate infrastructure, bringing information into the hands of business users can be a major challenge. That is where a number of big data software vendors are focusing their efforts.

Getting started with cognitive computing

Cognitive computing can help optimize the performance of virtual assistants.

Accelerators of KM maturity: Part 4

When, how and why to measure KM initiatives and approaches

Searching for relevance

"We now have much better insight about what our users are searching for, and we are able to use that data to surface relevant content that was otherwise hard to find."

News Analysis

Footprints on the Microsoft desktop

You don't hear Microsoft talking much about cognitive computing. But in fact, Microsoft has been quietly working some significantly deep technology into shallow applications ... These advanced ?capabilities lurk in pretty prosaic applications such as my desktop.


David Weinberger

Extending the mind

We think out in the world with tools. This is distinctive of our species and helps to explain our evolutionary advantages ... Only humans (as far as we know) use tools to think.

The Future of the Future

Big opportunities in small data

Once in place, small data rule sets are more stable and less complex than those typically associated with big data.

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