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February 2007 [Volume 16, Issue 2]


Hospital IT departments prescribe portals for physicians

Will making data more readily accessible lead to efficiency gains and clinical improvements?

Decision support systems prove vital to healthcare

Doctors on TV might get the diagnosis wrong a few times to fill up the broadcast hour, but in real life, things go much better if the doctor is right the first time.

Service-oriented architecture

When a telecommunications company renews a calling card, the process has historically involved knowledge workers in billing, customer service and several other departments within the company each updating their records, a cumbersome process for a renewal that might be very small in revenue and therefore in profitability.

2006 KM Promise and Reality award winners

We've been paying tribute to companies with our KM Promise and Reality awards at the KMWorld Conference since 2001, and in those years, we've seen a steady increase in both the volume and, especially, the quality of the nominations.

Semantic Web holds promise for KM

The Semantic Web is relevant to knowledge management because it has the potential to dramatically accelerate the speed with which information can be synthesized, by automating its aggregation and analysis.

KMWorld Readers’ Special Report Poll

Hosted or outsourced services: A readers’ survey special report

Directory of SOA Solutions: KANA Software

E-Service solutions that set your customers free.

Directory of SOA Solutions: Kofax: Document Scan Server



HOSTED SOLUTIONS: (SaaS): NetDocuments


News Analysis

Search: an interesting muddle

The KM integration challenge

Capture: front and center


David Weinberger

The real difference between the two 2.0s

The Future of the Future

The Future of the Future: Making knowledge-informed decisions in a flat world

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