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June 2013 [Volume 22, Issue 6]


On the cutting edge of social networking

"Social networking was initially user-driven, but is now being supported at the corporate level."

Do you really need a combination portal plus Web CMS?

The changing face of ECM

"Improved options for sharing content as well as support for mobile devices are signature characteristics of a new breed of ECM solutions that is showing rapid adoption..."

Accountable care movement depends on clinical analytics

Health reform efforts present a new type of knowledge management challenge.

Enterprises turn toward the cloud and reap clear benefits

"We've been able to cut our deployment time from three months down to one month. It's a great empowering technology for users."

News Analysis

Measuring collaboration success

...if your competition is finding new efficiencies through social and collaboration technology, your organization may be at a competitive disadvantage if you ignore the opportunity. For many, the cost of not embracing social interactions is too high..."

Semantics: next step in KM

"Semantic technology can improve indexing, identify entities and output tags, which can be analyzed by sophisticated numerical recipes..."


David Weinberger


"...a technodeterminist—someone who believes that the Internet has its effects independent of our action and behavior. "

The Future of the Future

The digital diplomacy potential

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