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May 2006, [Vol 15, Issue 5]


Should your enterprise outsource search?

Many IT professionals and Webmasters expect search to be baked into their existing applications. What’s delivered is a search soufflé that disappoints.

Education means business: the role of KM

Content management, search and business intelligence are among the core KM technologies being enthusiastically adopted by the academic world. Many of the tools being applied in educational settings help achieve such goals as enhanced customer service and greater productivity.

E-mail archiving and management, Part 2: From niche to core component

The first part of this article, which appeared in KMWorld last month, described how such trends as growing e-mail volumes and increased regulatory and legal pressures have transformed the e-mail management marketplace from niche to core component in organizations today. This month we’ll review additional leading players in the booming marketplace.

SOA tools--virtually bridging the legacy divide, Part 3

Along with the majors, niche players are perfecting SOA tools. Here’s a sampling from some of the better-known players.

RM: Compliance rules, litigation advances

The records management (RM) market is projected to grow at a robust 25 percent per year over the next five years...

Records Management Market Leader Report: MDY

Records Management Market Leader Report: QL2

Records Management Market Leader Report: Tower Software

News Analysis

The knowledge imperative

[Editor's note: The first part of this article, "The $60 Billion Challenge," appeared in the April 2006 KMWorld.]

Open source DM

Innovation "science?"


David Weinberger

Does information need architects?

The Future of the Future

The Future of the Future: Learning fast to stay relevant in a flat world

Editor's note: This is the first in a regular column addressing The Enterprise of the Future (EOF), a research and services initiative within The George Washington University Institute for Knowledge and Innovation (gwu.edu/~iki), which is seeking to help organizations learn and innovate at the speed of change. E-mail eof@aksciences.com.

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