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October 2003 [Volume 12, Issue 9]


Automating perception part 3

EDRMS' crucial role in HIPAA compliance

All healthcare organizations were required last year to become compliant with the Transaction Rule and Privacy Rule implemented as part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The “Cliffs Notes” definition of HIPAA is to provide minimal and only necessary levels of confidential patient information to the healthcare community and other people/organizations requiring access to such information. As organizations have worked to meet the standards, electronic document and records management systems (EDRMS) have been recognized as a solid foundation for establishing HIPAA-compliant systems.

Help desks count on KM for up-to-date information and timely delivery

Help desks and call centers are the hub of any organization—the link to customers. One bad experience and the customer goes elsewhere. That is clearly cause for concern in the mobile telecommunications industry, for example, where there is a push toward phone number portability. Slated to go into effect in November, customers who are unhappy with the technical support they are getting from their wireless provider will be able to take their business—and their phone number—to another service provider.

Learning from success ... and failure: Pharmaceuticals make the most of knowledge management

Personal Toolkit: The wisdom of the piles — Part 2

The human side of workflow

Today's workflow products have come a long way from the days when hard-wired routing products sent claims forms along a predictable path. Whether automating the flow of content, transactions or tasks to be done offline, workflow is more flexible, easier to change if processes change and employs far more sophisticated rules. Most importantly, human intervention can be focused on the more complex tasks, while automated workflow handles the rest.

KM in Practice

Keeping the public healthy

One-stop content for 7-Eleven

Sweet collaboration at Nektar


David Weinberger

Tacit emergence

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