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October 2011, [Vol 20 Issue 9]


Digital asset management supports a world of rich media

The DAM market has been thriving despite the economy.

ECM expands its reach

"The cloud is a major factor for enterprise content management."

Research portals bolster medical center compliance efforts

Automation eases grant tracking and submissions to institutional review boards.

Image recognition: A job for smart software or an average human

KM facilitates workload for insurers

By storing and sharing claims electronically, the company has reduced turnaround times by 47 percent...

ECM Roundup

News Analysis

KMWorld 2011 Conference, Nov. 1 to 3,
Washington, D.C.:
KM trends, practices & conversations

Personal KM
Getting value from e-book exhaust

The value of "data exhaust" to us depends on two things: finding it, and being able to use it.


David Weinberger

Framing the Net, or being framed?

The Net does not get framed so much as frames everything else.

The Future of the Future

The Future of the Future: Being smart about smart cities

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