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June 2011 [Volume 20, Issue 6]


Social software sustains collaboration

"The best way for people to share knowledge and be creative is by working closely in a community environment, so we wanted a solution that brought people together..."

Securing documents in the WikiLeaks era

"A firewall isn't enough. Data loss prevention isn't enough. You need enterprise rights management on top of that..."

Pharmaceutical supply chain plays catch-up

Driven by regulatory compliance, "track and trace" solutions offer greater visibility into the complex distribution network...

Six KM best practices to enhance customer service

GRC and performance: toward an integrated view

Governance, risk and compliance...
Failing to maintain GRC best practices increasingly has the potential for devastating consequences.

CRM Roundup

Social Software Roundup

Here's a sampling of the hottest new category of technology vendors-social media, social networking, social business tools ... Call it what you will, it's changing the way you will do business...

Social Software | Acquia

News Analysis

Semiotics for enterprise search

Semiotics focuses on signs and symbols as indicators of meaning. In this article, Steve Arnold reviews systems that search for meaning in enterprise content.

Collaboration & work force management

Global 360 enhances its persona-based business process management suite...


David Weinberger

DPLA: a good idea that has a shot

At a high enough level of abstraction, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is a great idea. But, then, most things are. The question is whether it will be able to go from abstract to concrete...

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