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November/December 2008, [Vol 17, Issue 10]


The state of digital asset management

The Art of Digital Asset Management

The global market for digital asset management (DAM) solutions was more than $330 million in 2007, according to ABI Research and is predicted to reach $1 billion within the next five years...

Records management: BEWARE, PREPARE

Increases in data breaches and the development of electronic discovery (e-discovery) are prompting firms to closely re-examine their records retention and management policies. New breaches seem to be reported monthly, if not weekly. In August alone, data breaches were announced at Countrywide Financial , Bank of New York Mellon, and Best Western, potentially affecting millions of customers...

Enterprise-friendly social software

Products with Web 2.0 capability are making steady inroads into the enterprise environment. A primary factor for success is having a clear understanding of the purpose of the implementation...

The evolving federation of search

Search products are proliferating powerfully in both capabilities and applicability. Here's a snapshot of the search state of the art...

2008 KMWorld Promise and Reality award winners

The KM Promise Award goes to a vendor who has risen above the noise enough to make our editors take special notice. The KM Reality award goes to an organization that has applied KM practices and technologies in a unique and special way...

KM Reality Award Finalist: Zylab

News Analysis

A risky cloud approach?

Everything is fragmented—Complex adaptive systems at play

A standard with a chance of success


David Weinberger

The Leave It to Beaver media

We will look back and be amazed that we were ever content with having a handful of newspapers, just as we used to have only three networks...

The Future of the Future

The Future of the Future: Incubating the next-generation enterprise

We've got to create an infrastructure that allows the rapid flow of specialized knowledge in a way that new ideas can be moved into the marketplace, quickly and easily...

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