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June 2008, [Vol 17, Issue 6]


The WCM marketplace

The Web content management (WCM) technology marketplace in 2008 is as dynamic as ever—and as fragmented as ever. In fact, fragmentation has remained this market's most defining characteristic for the past decade. Scores of experienced, viable WCM vendors around the world have passed their 10th birthdays, and hundreds of other newer, often regional, players nip at their heels. This state of affairs will persist for the foreseeable future.

Knowledge management: a multifaceted remedy

Pharmaceutical companies are employing knowledge management (KM) to enhance strategic performance across the enterprise, to help with long-term development of new products and to build more comprehensive knowledgebases, among other uses.

Social networking: KM and beyond

The range of software products encompassed by social networking is so extensive and diverse that sorting out the options can be difficult.

Mashup essentials

Most computer users have had the experience of wanting to view sets of information side by side but being thwarted because the information comes from different sources. An emerging technology for overcoming that barrier is so-called "mashup" software, which provides a unified view of information from different sources. Although a small market now, those products are increasingly providing an alternative to time-consuming manual processes or expensive custom integrations.

News Analysis

Growth report: Google at age 10

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer suggested that Google was a one-trick pony. Google won its crown with online advertising. Since the day when Google's founders made the decision to enter the online advertising business, Google changed from a quirky search engine to a revenue powerhouse.

Everything is fragmented-
The safe-fail approach to KM

Gartner reports on the status of open source, SaaS


David Weinberger

Cerfing complexity

The Future of the Future

The Future of the Future: Goodbye, knowledge worker…
Hello, knowledge entrepreneur

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