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RWS Group

RWS Group
  • New Globe House, Vanwall Business Park,
  • Vanwall Rd,
  • Maidenhead SL6 4UB
  • United Kingdom
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RWS is the global leader in content management and translation technology and services. 90 of the top 100 global companies work with RWS.

Tridion, our composable Knowledge Management Platform (KMP) enables you to link together your various knowledge repositories and consolidate information management and semantic search for better employee and customer experiences.

Tridion provides easy web-based structured authoring & reviewing, streamlined end-to-end component content management, semantic AI and auto tagging, versioning, translation management and traditional as well as headless content publishing.

As a true collaborative environment with a familiar Microsoft Word-style interface, all subject matter experts (SMEs) in your organization can contribute their knowledge without technical or XML skills, while staff and customers can find the information they need.

Tridion supports global enterprise use cases including single sourcing, product documentation, learning and training, rules and regulations, policies and procedures, supported by efficient translations with delivery to multiple end points such as documents, PDFs, knowledge portals, Intranet, customer facing websites, apps, chatbots, and IoT devices, all governed by the required workflows and approvals.  

Product Description

Intelligent content management

Our enterprise-wide authoring and collaboration tool – using the DITA standard – helps you turn your content into intelligent information. Enrich it with the right metadata and classification information, such as taxonomy terms, and build a true enterprise knowledge hub for your company.

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Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content

  • Tridion Docs Structured Content Management Data sheet
    Tridion Docs supports the DITA standard and structured content out of the box. Its embedded component content management system (CCMS) allows you to create standalone, reusable content and share this content across publications. This data sheet provides an overview of these capabilities.
  • Your guide to search experience optimization eBook
    If you want your organization to give its customers a better search experience – more like Google or Amazon – when they visit your online sites and channels, this guide is for you. And it's equally applicable if your focus is on helping your employees to find what they need. Learn why organizations have an information findability problem, and how to solve it with specific capabilities in: Knowledge management Semantic AI Structured content management This ebook explores these concepts, and how they're used to optimize search experiences in practice. It also touches on how to choose the right technology and content to start your own journey to better information findability.
  • Tridion Docs Collective Spaces Data sheet
    Tridion streamlines structured content authoring, reviews and centralized collaboration in an intuitive interface – Collective Spaces. Download our data sheet to discover how we can help you: Centralize company-wide knowledge creation and reviews Simplify and streamline collaborative processes Increase information quality and consistency
  • Tridion Docs and Baselines Data sheet
    Manage multiple editions of your publications Tridion Docs provides long-term control over content variations through its Baselines feature Managing in-depth information such as technical documentation, policies, procedures, guidelines or other business critical content is often difficult – especially when you have to contend with rapid product innovation cycles, many product variations, regional or time-bound regulations, multiple languages, and a variety of output formats. Tridion Docs makes managing these complexities easier. It moves away from the old-fashioned document-centric approach, and instead relies on componentized content. Using a unique feature called Baselines, you have all the controls you need to manage precisely which content components make up a document. It enables you to manage your content long-term, while giving you the flexibility you need to maintain and update multiple parallel versions in any language at the same time. With Tridion Docs and Baselines you can: Rigorously control versions Work on multiple publications Trace back older content Generate consistent, dynamic output Download data sheet to find out more.
  • Why customer support should be built on ‘structured content’ White paper
    Unlock faster and more efficient customer support content in a digital-first world Customer expectations in a digital-first and fiercely competitive world are high, and as power increasingly lies with the customer, companies need to respond with fantastic, seamless customer experiences. However, without limitless budgets, being able to produce the enormous volume of content needed, and provide great customer support and experiences to customers wherever they are in the world, only really becomes possible with ‘structured content’. Read our White Paper to learn: The key challenges for customer support in a digital-first world How the explosion of demand for content is leading to a content bottleneck What ‘structured’ and ‘unstructured’ content is and why it matters How structured content improves both the customer and employee experience The benefits of structured content Download our White Paper to find out how structured content can facilitate great customer support in a digital-first world.