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Biographical Information

Cynthia Gayton, J.D. and Art Murray, D.Sc.

Cynthia Gayton, J.D., an attorney admitted in Washington, D.C., and Virginia and adjunct professor at The George Washington University, is the author of Legal Aspects of Engineering, Design and Innovation, published by Kendall-Hunt, writes and advises on matters regarding smart contracts, IP, and block-chain, crypto assets, and NFTs.

Art Murray (, D.Sc., is CEO of Applied Knowledge Sciences and co-founder of the Enterprise of the Future initiative.

Articles by Cynthia Gayton, J.D. and Art Murray, D.Sc.

DAOs, NFTs, Web 3.0, and the metaverse: What does it all mean?

We can look at Web 3.0 as the next decentralization/virtualization stage of the internet. Here, blockchain-linked tokens, including NFTs, are integral to DAOs, which are frequently promoted as a gateway to the metaverse.