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Greg Pepus

Consulting Partner - Flex Analytics

Greg Pepus has more than 20 years of experience in advanced knowledge management technology, business operations and venture capital. He regularly works in the U.S. intelligence community helping the government to develop policy and technology solutions in support of the intelligence analyst community. 

Articles by Greg Pepus

Speaking in tongues, Part 2:
Foreign language KM technologies

This article is the second of a two-part series on foreign language knowledge management technologies that can help you meet those foreign language challenges. In the first article (in the July/August 2007 issue of KMWorld), I focused on foreign language tools to support unstructured text mining software, which provides users with natural language processing, language identification, transliteration and name normalization capabilities.

Beyond enterprise portals

Enterprise portals are a dead end. But before you start throwing daggers, stop and think about the reason we have enterprise portals in the first place. Web browsers (aka thin clients) don't have the programmatic sophistication to support the complex business logic, content management, security and integration features necessary to build sophisticated desktop quality applications. Enterprise portals work better than Web browsers alone, but have also failed to deliver desktop quality applications. If we have to move beyond the enterprise portal, what if we went back to the Web browser?

Dreaming of KM services

I have a dream … about building composite knowledge management applications. In my dream, I open a Web browser and quickly pull together the KM application and data components I need in a real-time, customized fashion to do whatever business functions I have in mind. But is this just a dream?

Speaking in tongues: Foreign language KM Technologies

Recently, I was listening to a show on NPR about the current U.S. reconstruction efforts in Iraq and all the problems they’ve had, ranging from understanding the language to finding locations on a map. That got me thinking about the great foreign language support tools that I’ve worked with over the past six years.

Smart image and video search

As anyone who regularly works with computers can attest, mainstream recognition of visual images is not a computer’s strong suit—or at least not yet. There is extremely limited cognizance, understanding and automatic context available in the Web-based image search tools you and I use every day.

Connectors, mavens and salesmen—Human networks and relationships in KM

The world of super integration

Last summer, in a very quiet acquisition, Microsoft purchased a health intelligence software product called Azyxxi, which was the brainchild of Dr. Craig Feied, Dr. Mark Smith and Fidrik Iskandar of MedStar Health. That acquisition by Microsoft underscores the importance of “smart systems integration,” a phrase I use to describe “systems of systems” that perform exceptionally well together, are highly reliable and really change the way people work.

The KM integration challenge