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Biographical Information

Barry Schwartz, SVP, Advisory Services, BIA

Barry Schwartz, Esq., Certified E-Discovery Specialist, is senior vice president for Advisory Services at BIA, a national e-discovery and digital forensics company.

Schwartz is highly proficient in discovery and document review matters, with more than 35 years of legal and business consulting management experience. Schwartz oversees BIA’s advisory division and is primarily responsible for providing consulting and advisory services to BIA’s clients. He can provide experienced, sound insight in multiple areas, including information management, litigation and discovery, document retention and management, regulatory compliance and IT security.

BIA was formed in 2002 as a computer forensics and e-discovery company that creates and implements technology solutions to help clients meet even their most challenging legal needs. For more than 17 years, BIA has been building and implementing defensible data preservation and discovery solutions. The maturity of BIA’s technologies, processes and experience in digital forensics and e-discovery is critical to its clients when choosing the best platform and analytics to support their projects.

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