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Biographical Information

Susan Kahler

Global AI Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Susan Kahler is currently responsible for AI product marketing at SAS, with an emphasis on deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing. In her 15 years at SAS, Kahler has held roles in persona development, quantitative and qualitative research, competitive intelligence, risk product management and user interface design and evaluation. Prior to joining SAS, she was an advisory human factors engineer at IBM for 14 years and worked on healthcare projects. Kahler received her PhD from North Carolina State University.

Articles by Susan Kahler

Keeping It Personal With Natural Language Processing

Look at your organization and consider the unstructured text or audio data you gather and the possible revelations it may hold. That data reflects the voices of those you serve and holds the potential to help you deliver better experiences, improve quality of care and enrich human engagement. There are powerful stories to be told from your unstructured text data. And the best way for you to find them is with natural language processing.