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Joyce Wells and Stephanie Simone

Joyce Wells is editor-in-chief of KMWorld magazine and KMWorld NewsLinks, a weekly email newsletter published by KMWorld magazine. 

Stephanie Simone is managing editor of KMWorld magazine and KMWorld NewsLinks,

Both are based in Information Today, Inc.'s New Providence, NJ, offices.

Articles by Joyce Wells and Stephanie Simone

9 Key takeaways about search and content management from KMWorld Connect 2021

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and knowledge graphs are changing how search is implemented and delivered


The key driver behind the growth of the knowledge management mar­ket is an increasing focus on customer retention and satisfaction amid rising competition among the global players in the world. A new generation of tools and platforms—led and enabled by machine-learning initiatives—is empowering organizations to find new insights and increase the value of their data.