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Robert Smallwood


Robert F. Smallwood is a partner with IMERGE Consulting and executive director of the E-Records Institute at He is the author of several books, including the upcoming Securing Documents in the Age of WikiLeaks, and may be reached at

Articles by Robert Smallwood

Securing documents in the WikiLeaks era, Part 2

"Everyone now knows that even authorized users can go bad and misuse internal documents, or leave the organization and take them with them..."

Securing documents in the WikiLeaks era

"A firewall isn't enough. Data loss prevention isn't enough. You need enterprise rights management on top of that..."

The greening of software

Even software is going green these days...

Hardware manufacturers find green in “going green”

U.S. hardware manufacturers have taken significant steps to improve their environmental standing. Those steps are not only playing well with consumers, but also are providing moneymaking opportunities for the vendors through cost reduction and new revenue streams.

Green IT: soon, not optional

Compliance requirements for corporations have drastically increased with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and new Federal Rules for Civil Procedure (FRCP). And they're about to get even tougher as Congress debates new rules for capping or exchanging "carbon credits" for controlling emissions and waste.

E-DRM plugs ECM security gap

The gaping hole in security schemes for enterprise content management (ECM) systems is that few, protections exist once the information is legitimately accessed. That confidential information, which might include price lists, legal documents, patented designs, blueprints and reports, can often be printed, e-mailed or faxed to unauthorized parties without any security attached.

Web 2.0 pressures IT, shows benefits

Business Objects gains Inxight


Various studies show that up to three-quarters of corporate intellectual property resides within e-mail...

E-MAIL management comes of age

Just when knowledge workers thought IT might be getting a handle on managing burgeoning e-mail, instant messaging (IM) and other content, the goal line keeps moving. There is not only an ever-expanding amount of content, but also it is coming from a greater variety of sources, and new requirements for capture and classification of live content are arising from regulation, litigation and governance demands.

Intelligent data capture: a trend only beginning Part 2

Part one of this article (KMWorld July/August 2006) covered key trends and some leading firms in the intelligent data capture (IDC) marketplace...

Is it growth or consolidation?

IBM has announced its intention to acquire FileNet by year-end for approximately $1.6 billion in cash or about $35 per share. What does this mean to the enterprise content management (ECM) industry?...

E-mail news from IBM & Microsoft

Intelligent data capture: a trend only beginning Part 1

E-mail archiving and management, Part 2: From niche to core component

The first part of this article, which appeared in KMWorld last month, described how such trends as growing e-mail volumes and increased regulatory and legal pressures have transformed the e-mail management marketplace from niche to core component in organizations today. This month we’ll review additional leading players in the booming marketplace.

E-mail archiving and management: From niche to core component

E-mail management (EMM) is hot. Growing e-mail volumes, increased regulatory and legal pressures and concerns about electronic records make managing e-mail a top priority for many organizations. And with a dynamic, healthy marketplace exhibiting a flurry of new entrants and consolidations, the competition is fierce in the e-mail management and archiving marketplace.

Surveying the state of ERM

Enterprise rights management heats up

Solutions in pharma: Prescription for compliance

Finding a new Groove

E-mail management hits center stage—Part 2

E-mail management hits center stage—Part 1