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Philip Spiegel

Senior director for Content Management Operations at LAC Group

Philip Spiegel is the senior director of Content Management Operations for LAC Group. With more than 20 years of experience as a media archivist and asset manager, Spiegel has digitized, cataloged, preserved and monetized content for large, commercial and broadcast film and video archives. LAC Group is a family of businesses helping law firms, corporations and government agencies find and keep information. Philip can be reached at

Articles by Philip Spiegel

Why your DAM Needs an Asset Librarian

Across industries, from media and manufacturing to oil exploration and law, businesses have requirements that librarians are best suited to meet. Organizations want employees, authorized third parties and clients to easily access corporate assets (e.g., media, documents, designs, graphics, etc.) through a DAM system. Making that happen requires knowing how to sort and classify content, create, manage and govern metadata and construct workflows.

These questions (and your answers) are key to implementing a successful DAM system

Before you begin to address the details of your digital asset management project, decide how truly invested you are and whether you and your team have the time and expertise to proceed. The answer will tell you if you'll achieve a successful outcome.

Six ‘non-negotiables’ when choosing a KM platform

Many knowledge management initiatives focus on technology first, but some fail to venture far beyond that. The outcome of a platform-centric approach is often a great KM software implementation without much visibility or use.