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Biographical Information

Evelyn L. Kent

A principal at Bacon Tree Consulting

Evelyn L. Kent, a principal at Bacon Tree Consulting, consults with government and businesses to create information management strategies, specifically around unstructured data and text. She is a member of the Cognitive Computing Consortium, e-mail

Articles by Evelyn L. Kent

Cognitive computing
The human benefit of natural language processing

On a very basic level, NLP enables computers to understand language.

Cognitive computing: An evolution in computing

With interest and activity in the field of cognitive computing heating up, a succinct definition of cognitive computing and an overview of some of the technologies behind it might be useful. I'll also share a few of the practical applications that are emerging in the field.

Cognitive computing: Life imitates popular culture

The pivotal moment in The Imitation Game when viewers knew that Alan Turing and his MI6 colleagues were going to win the day was also the moment they saw the first foreshadowing of cognitive computing—where processes were developed that used a hybrid of man and machine to attack problems beyond the understanding of either.