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Marc Solomon

Chief Knowledge Planner, PRTM

Marc Solomon is chief knowledge planner at PRTM, a global operational strategy consulting group, and an adjunct professor in Boston University’s Professional Investigation Program. He blogs on information usefulness at His e-mail is

Articles by Marc Solomon

SharePoint|The Reality Series 8
Implementing SharePoint 2010—An ECM manager’s view

SharePoint|The Reality Series 7
To upgrade or not to upgrade

SharePoint|The Reality Series 6
Migrating your users—not just your data

SharePoint|The Reality Series 5
The SharePoint maturity model

In the adoption of SharePoint, a four-stage maturity model is a great way to determine where knowledge gaps exist, what facets require additional education and how to help people expand their use of SharePoint...

SharePoint|The Reality Series 4: Benchmarks for success

"I need to make sure our folks are productive every day. It's more guerilla SharePoint than the ivory tower"...

SharePoint The Reality Series 3: SharePoint in practice

Last month, in the second installment of this series, we considered the roles and responsibilities needed to shoulder the sweeping changes of a SharePoint-centric enterprise. For large-scale SharePoint deployments to succeed, stakeholders must articulate their commitment and priorities...

SharePoint: The Reality Series 2
On the hook: the SharePoint ownership imperative

It's about staging all those stovepipes in one place so that your users can gain the perspective they need and the transparency they deserve...

SharePoint The Reality Series
Laying the foundation for your next SharePoint deployment

In our first in a series of SharePoint reality checks, we focus on the growing usage pains of a global SharePoint implementation. Those lessons apply to enterprise content management (ECM) systems as internal publishing platforms and as nest beds for collaboration through social networks, business process improvements and the repurposing of past success to optimize future efforts...

Assessing the Right Search Platform for Your Enterprise