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Biographical Information

Erin McCart, Senior Product Manager, Crawford Technologies

Crawford Technologies is a provider of provider of document solutions that streamline, improve, and manage customer communications.

McCart has 25 years of product management and marketing experience in the software industry, content management and output management markets. He can be reached at

Articles by Erin McCart, Senior Product Manager, Crawford Technologies

Top considerations for ECM and content services in a customer-first digital world

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by 25%-95%. With that return, putting forth the effort to integrate ECM, CSP, and CCM platforms is well worth it

Managing Information, Enterprise Content, Data and Electronic Records

In an environment of increasingly complex regulations and comprehensive audits, regulatory agencies are penalizing companies for not adhering to information governance rules and not producing records in response to audits and investigations. In one notable example, a multinational bank incurred fines that totaled nearly $19 million for separate infractions related to inadequate compliance safeguards and poor electronic records management . . .

Document Output and Print Management

Businesses spend a lot of money managing content, but few organizations are able to understand if that investment is translating to business success and making a difference to the bottom line. While this is a challenge for organizations across various industries, utilizing content management technologies can maximize business benefits for organizations. . . .