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Biographical Information

Michael Gilliland

Product Marketing Manager, SAS

919 531-1049

Michael Gilliland is Product Marketing Manager for SAS forecasting software, and author of The Business Forecasting Deal.  He has over 15 years of forecasting experience in the food, apparel, and consumer electronics industries, and as a consultant.  Mike serves as Column Editor for Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting, and has published in Foresight, Supply Chain Management Review, Journal of Business Forecasting, Analytics, Supply Chain Forecasting Digest, and APICS magazine. Mike holds a BA in Philosophy from Michigan State University, and Master's degrees in Philosophy and Mathematical Sciences from Johns Hopkins University. He blogs at

Articles by Michael Gilliland

Forecast Value Added: The Key to Managing the Business Forecasting Process

Business forecasting can be a significant consumer of company resources. All of this is high-cost management time. Business executives want their processes to be effective, efficient, and void of waste. How do they know that efforts are "adding value" by making the forecasts more accurate, thereby enabling better service to customers, and making more money?...