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Biographical Information

Craig Seebach

VP, WFO Back-Office Practice, Verint

Craig Seebach serves as vice president of the WFO back-office practice for Verint® Systems. He works with clients worldwide on workforce and process optimization projects, drawing on his diverse background in public accounting, banking, insurance, and other industries. Craig is responsible for driving strategy and business objectives for the back-office practice at Verint. Verint is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions and value-added services. Contact us at 1-800-4VERINT or visit

Articles by Craig Seebach

Complementing Case Management with Workforce Optimization

As self-service channels and automated, straight-through processing become more prevalent, service organizations are left with more complex, sometimes unique requests or issues to resolve. This has driven the rise in knowledge workers—employees with the experience and expertise to make judgment calls about how to best serve the customer. Unlike BPM and workflow applications, which lock employees into fixed or rigid processes, case management solutions can provide knowledge workers with the flexibility to choose or define alternative paths . . . .

Customer-Centricity Driving Change for BPOs

Customer-centricity—the practice of aligning business processes and services around the needs of the customer—is driving organizations to understand, manage and improve the customer experience from end to end. Often, systemic and functional silos exist between customer interaction points and the processing parts of the organization, especially when part or all of the customer support and processing functions are outsourced (onshore or offshore). These silos can make it very difficult to align an organization to support a customer-centric strategy. In particular, organizations that leverage captive shared-service organizations or third-party outsourcing partners are challenged to understand how service is delivered and to leverage these partners to take on more case management and knowledge work. . . .