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Biographical Information

Geoff Keston

Geoff Keston is the author of more than 250 articles that help organizations find opportunities in business trends and technology. He also works directly with clients to develop communications strategies that improve processes and customer relationships. Mr. Keston has worked as a project manager for a major technology consulting and services company and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Certified Novell Administrator.

Articles by Geoff Keston

What is a Competency Management System?

Competency management is a widely used practice that consists of all of a company's formal, organized approaches to ensuring that it has the human talents needed to meet its business goals. Competency management systems (CMSes) are a type of enterprise software used for evaluating and managing human resources.

What is the Semantic Web?

The idea of using semantic technology on the Web is almost as old as the Web itself, but the concept has only in the last several years begun gaining traction.

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Services Explained

Cloud computing is designed to liberate computer users from conventional data center resource constraints, delivering on-demand computing power, storage, and services from the Internet cloud. Fundamentally, the term refers to the ability to access applications, data, and services over the Internet or another network.