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Thomas Vander Wal

Principal and senior consultant at InfoCloud Solutions

Thomas Vander Wal is a principal and senior consultant at InfoCloud Solutions, e-mail

Articles by Thomas Vander Wal

Personal KM: Shifting sands

"As the digital information world changes, it sometimes eases our information use and reuse; but other times, the changes are not steps forward..."

Personal KM: Searching my clouds

"The bring-your-own-device model for work has added to the storage problem because work and personal services are becoming interwoven..."

Personal KM: One-stop PKM

One of the struggles of handling personal information gathered from multiple sources is lack of central management. Finding a service that can meet many needs across devices, while keeping it all in sync, is difficult. Evernote provides the capability to capture content of interest, annotate and add metadata to it, optimize it for search, and retrieve it as well as manage it across devices.

Personal KM: Digital wheat from chaff

"Our social platforms are full of information and links floating through them. Keeping up with them is incredibly difficult..."

Personal KM: Pull & push with IFTTT

Personal KM: Tagging for one's self

Our human fuzzy brains can benefit from tagging, but they also make tagging a wee bit flaky...

Personal KM: Quotes from e-books live with Findings

Personal KM
Genius at your fingertips

Personal KM
Turning phatic fumes into golden nuggets

Phat·ic (ftk) adj. Of, relating to, or being speech used to share feelings or to establish a mood of sociability rather than to communicate information or ideas...

Personal KM
Getting value from e-book exhaust

The value of "data exhaust" to us depends on two things: finding it, and being able to use it.

Personal KM
Interconnecting your ecosystem

Personal KM
How to tame the daily feeds