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Dan Latendre

CEO, IGLOO Software

Dan Latendre is CEO of Igloo Software and a technology innovator. For the past 20 years, he has worked with such pioneering companies as MKS, Delrina and OpenText Corporation, playing significant roles in the development and marketing of numerous leading edge Internet-based technologies and applications. He played a hands-on role in the development of the first wireless Internet access package, spearheaded the release of the first commercial search engine for the Web and helped launch one of the first web-based intranet applications.

Articles by Dan Latendre

Information Isn’t Knowledge Until You Share It

The modern workplace is increasingly disjointed, with knowledge workers and expertise spread across multiple offices and geographies. This makes it virtually impossible to know what information exists and where it's all kept...

Content Still Rules, but Context is Now King

Today, both communication and collaboration tend to exist outside of the flow of work. Content is stored in one system and communication occurs in another. Take the process of co-authoring a document, one of the most common forms of workplace collaboration. The back-and-forth conversation around those files typically happens over email or IM. Then, final versions are published to a shared drive or ECM system (after you've sifted through the countless messages and manually merged everybody's feedback and comments). With the constant switching between applications, sometimes it seems virtually impossible to have a single view of what matters. . . .

Why Should ECM and Social Software Coexist?

Over the last 15 years or so, most companies have taken a very static, hierarchical and centralized approach to ECM. Knowledge managers and IT departments have led the way, deploying blue-chip ECM platforms. . . .