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Biographical Information

Art Murray and Brian (Bo) Newman

Art Murray (, D.Sc., is CEO of Applied Knowledge Sciences and co-founder of the Enterprise of the Future initiative.

Brian (Bo) Newman is a knowledge architect with Kforce Government Solutions (KGS), working at the confluence of the knowledge sciences, knowledge engineering and knowledge management, e-mail


Articles by Art Murray and Brian (Bo) Newman

A deep future approach to KM

We're familiar with the near-term portion of the time spectrum—from femtosecond lasers used in eye surgery to high-frequency trading in milliseconds on the major securities exchanges. Unfortunately, the extreme opposite end of the time spectrum, the "deep future" receives little if any attention. Decisions in fields such as genetic engineering, nuclear energy, geopolitics and the like can have serious implications for human civilization. But the impact of those decisions might not become apparent for many thousands of years and hundreds of generations.

An uncommon view of collaborative competencies

"How do you get the most from working together as a team?"

The Future of the Future:
Unclogging the knowledge pipeline