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Biographical Information

Art Murray and Mirghani Mohamed

Art Murray is CEO of Applied Knowledge Sciences and co-director of the Enterprise of the Future Program at the George Washington University Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, e-mail

Dr. Mirghani S. Mohamed is a 4DX program coach, e-mail

Articles by Art Murray and Mirghani Mohamed

Bridging the gap between strategy and execution

The Future of the Future:
The virtual workplace is a “must,” not a “should”

In our previous article, we discussed how KM and cloud computing were converging to form the knowledge cloud. As we were writing that piece, the Washington, D.C. area was recovering from "Snowpocalypse," the blizzard that managed to shut down the offices of many U.S. government agencies for four days, at a cost of around a half-billion dollars...

The Future of the Future:
Are you ready for the coming knowledge cloud?

Part of the future we are creating involves finding ways to effectively move knowledge not only from person to person and from mentor to "peeps," but from knowledge cloud to knowledge cloud...