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Dan Bolita

Dan Bolita was with KMWorld magazine as senior news editor for many years.

Articles by Dan Bolita

Hop on the Cluetrain

If that voice sounds familiar, it might just be your own

Homeruns delivers the the groceries; Ardent delivers the data

Running a virtual grocery means stocking data warehouse

Tom's of Maine and beyond -- Web commerce seen as a natural move

More profitable customer relationships-- E-commerce gives buyers and sellers more clout

SANs: Making the case for a Fibre Channel connection All the access without that annoying server burden

The great guessing game -- Supply chains made stronger with a Web link

Weaving a Web event

Knowledge sharing cuts cycle times at General Motors

A learning system that organizes decision making and problem solving techniques is slashing GM's vehicle development cycle times.

Home Depot builds information efficiency

From tea time to tee times, the Internet changes everything

Building a business intelligence system requires intelligent building blocks: Buy it or build it, they’ll all want to use it

Imagine this: analytical research in the hands of research analysts

No shortage of BI solutions

Automation key to insurance product approval process

Compliance is a fulltime job: No industry immune from regulation

Designing systems for intellectual property

Effective business intelligence: From decision support to supporting decisions

Intellectual assets--Corporate value moves from top minds to bottom linesa price on (what's in) your head -

Learning is a competitive advantage at GM

Vendors, consortiums scramble to define standards for KM

KMWorld licenses Web-based applets to help managers model the business case--free

Elegance in information