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How 3M Made the Move from Manuals to Information Products Using XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager (Webinar Recording)

At 3M, products are ranging from simple to highly technical in nature. There are tens of thousands of SKUs or individual products and systems that 3M supports, each with its technical documentation and content. This means that their technical or user content needs to be consistent, cohesive, and accurate. Trying to manage this enormous amount of content is daunting.

The existing tools didn’t have a good way to connect the dots between documents, keep authors informed of changes, and filter or catalog content. Content updates came in waves, such as spanning updates, regulation changes, and branding implementations. The task of keeping so many documents up to date made them feel like they were drowning and only maintaining rather than exceeding in the task of content management.

At a company as large as 3M, they needed a new solution that could be scaled to meet the business requirements of each group while still being consistent and presenting as one company.