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Discover How a Content Services Platform Harnesses Information for Business Value

In today’s digitally driven economy, companies are struggling to digitize organizational practices and business processes. A recent McKinsey study, for instance, finds that established companies have digitized only 30% of internal operations and 26% of world-wide sales. But why? In all likelihood, these companies continue to rely on disconnected content silos that restrict access to valuable information. Organizations are often saddled with inefficient business processes and outdated content management capabilities.

In this whitepaper by noted industry analyst Geoffrey Bock, Principal at Bock & Company, we examine how content federation empowers digital work while leveraging existing IT investments and information resources across the enterprise. Integrating through the web and the cloud, content federation provides a consistent way to:

• Access and view content stored within disparate repositories
• Enable a unified search experience
• Produce actionable results for business process automation

Discover why content federation transforms digital work, how organizations can leverage existing content resources, how Mobius Content Services from ASG Technologies enables organizations to cost-effectively federate access to different repositories, and identify the essential steps required to harness the business value of enterprise information.