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A Deep Dive into Two Information Governance Case Studies: an on-demand webinar

Too often, Information Governance (IG) projects are executed in silos or as single-point-in-time efforts. We clean up a downstream problem but fail to address the upstream issues that led to it in the first place. A strategic approach to information requires both cleanup and a go-forward plan.

During this on-demand webinar we explore how the very details gathered during these one-off projects can be used to develop the business requirements necessary to move our IG efforts upstream in the information lifecycle and help us better realize the potential of our information and manage its risks in real time.

We deep dive into two Information Governance case studies and show how the principles gleaned from them can be applied to specific use cases likely encountered in your organization.

Hear from ARMA’s Executive Director of Content and Programming, Nick Inglis; ARMA’s Manager of Content Development, Ann Snyder; and Jim Maguire, VP of Strategic Content Solutions at ASG, during this on-demand webinar: A Deep Dive into Two Information Governance Case Studies.